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Gifts of love

Even though the Christmas season officially ended on January 9th, in a very real sense every day is a celebration of the Word-made-flesh. In the Incarnation, the very Word spoken at creation was given human life through the Spirit in the womb of Mary. From that point forward, God’s Word has been enfleshed in our human lives—each and every day! In Jesus, we have a personal, tangible, and dynamic relationship with God—a relationship that draws us into ever greater communion with Him who loved us into existence.

In his post-synodal apostolic exhortation Verbum Domini, Pope Benedict XVI reminds us that “the more we grow in our personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, the more we realize that he is calling us to holiness in and through the definitive choices by which we respond to his love in our lives, taking up tasks and ministries which help to build up the Church.” (77) The gift of Jesus that we celebrate at Christmas is a gift that calls us to respond by returning a gift—the gift of our very lives. Responding in generosity to the call of God is the invitation given us by the Word-made-flesh. Amazingly enough, though, each and every choice we make on our vocational journey can be a response of love that expresses our thanks to God. Our daily choices to be thoughtful or selfish, generous or careless; each of these either strengthens or weakens our relationship with God. And when we choose that which strengthens, deepens, enlivens our relationship with Christ, we find that He draws us ever closer to Himself—He truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

The Word of God continues to call us to holiness in both the big and small choices set before us each day—how will we choose to respond today?

Seminarian Bike Tour Hey everyone!  Check out this video on our Web site about how these seminarians shared with hundreds of children and youth their openness to God’s will for their lives…and had fun!   This is a wonderful way Catholic schools and parishes can promote vocations to the priesthood.

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