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Football and a win in the “End Zone”

When playing football, the object of the game is to win points by running, throwing or kicking the football into the end zone. The end zone, your team’s distance from it, your team’s strategies, and the players’ skills and sportsmanship all affect the decisions that the coach, captain and teammates make in order to win the game.

So what does this have to do with discerning your vocation? By analogy. Discerning your vocation is not a game, but it has some similarities. The Catholic Church teaches us that we are all created for – that is, our “end zone” – is eternal life with Our Lord…and everyone is intended to win! Winning, however, depends on how we are living our faith (where we are at right now on the field in relation to the end zone), who we are (each team player’s strengths and weaknesses), our strategy for living our faith, attending the Sacraments, etc. (how we plan to reach the end zone), and hearing what is God’s will for my life (listening to and carrying out the coach and/or captain’s direction).

Discerning your vocation is an act of prayer and a response of faith, and you’re never alone. One blessing of a team is that you’re all working together to reach the same goal. One blessing of the Church is that we’re all working together to reach the same “end zone” – eternal life with Our Lord! Give your team mates encouragement and we’ll see you in the end zone!

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