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Joy in the Journey

This week Sr. Cecilia celebrates her 103rd birthday. She is anything but what you might expect of a person who has lived more than a century—she still works in ministry every day (from 8:30 until 1:00 at an adult day care center, keeping the “old folks” company!) and she keeps herself in shape by dancing with them in the morning and walking silently down the halls in the afternoon as she prays her rosary. If you ask her what the “secret” is to her long life, she will reply quite simply: joy. And, to be honest, when you talk with Sr. Cecilia or spend any amount of time with her, you will see that indeed joy is exactly what exudes from her.

She has spent more than seventy years as a “spouse of Christ,” having given her heart, soul, and life to Him on the day of her first profession of vows. She knows the joy that comes from that kind of a life, from that kind of a relationship, and she not only experiences it—she transmits it! Thank you, Sr. Cecilia, for your vocation, for your example, and most importantly for the joy that you share with all of us. May we all not simply receive it, but continue to channel it through our very lives, that all those we encounter might know the joy of serving God and being loved by Him.

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